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Rubber sheet

Rubber sheetdetails

Kureha Elastomers’ rubber sheets have high dimension accuracy and stable physical properties.
We can correspond to your needs with a wide range of product series including special-purpose items. We have developed brand-new line-ups “Ecology Sheet: E series” for recent market needs.
Please consider Kureha Elastomers’ Ecology Sheet for adoption which are suitable for REACH regulations, RoHS Directive 2.0 and ELV regulations. Moreover those can satisfy the voluntary restraint of Japanese main manufactures.

Super Wide width rubber sheetdetails


Kureha Elastomer had introduced new rubber vulcanizing machine which can cast super wide sheet. We can produce joint-less super wide rubber sheet until three meter width by using various rubber material.

Wide width rubber sheetdetails


The requests about tear strength and elongation of silicone rubber sheet are increasing in addition to conventional heat resistance. Kureha Elastomer developed super wide rubber sheet until 3 meter width with high tear strength.

Ultra thin rubber sheetdetails


Our technology is playing an active role in LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), computer, mobile, semi-conductor, an electromagnetic wave absorber such fields like leading-edge industries.

KURECOOL®Thermal conductive rubber sheetdetails


KURECOOL® is an excellent thermal conductive silicone rubber sheet.



Sound, vibration and shock are transferred to heat energy and absorbed by vibration damping material VBRAN®.
We can produce many types of material, from low hardness to high hardness, silicone system, rubber system, plastic materials and foam materials.
As we can supply extremely thin type and long size type, we can use for various purposes and contribute for cost reduction.

rubber sheetdetails


This rubber sheet is one of the broadest and highest-functional diaphragm sheet in the world.


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